JAMB Use of Eight Keys Format Still Intact For UTME Exam 2020/2021

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB early this year introduced Use of Eight Keys in order to deal with the challenge of computer low level literacy of some candidates, especially with the phobia for the mouse, The examination Board added Use of Eight Keys to the usual mouse system of writing exam.

It is now the choice of the candidates to either use mouse or newly introduced Use of Eight Keys. We have received serial questions about the use of Eight Keys in UTME exam 2020, we wish to let you know that from 2017 to coming years, JAMB Use of Eight Keys will still be in use.

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The use of 8 keys without a mouse was introduced by JAMB to make this year 2020 CBT friendly for candidates.

The 8 keys are;

1. A – for choosing option A in response to questions

2. B – for choosing the B option

3. C – represents option C

4. D – for selecting option D

5. P – represents previous question

6. N – is for next questions.

7. S – is for submit

8. R – is for reverse.

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Note – Each subject carries 40 questions except English with 60 questions .

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