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Testimonies from Previous WAEC Candidates

WAEC Expo 2020
WAEC Runs 2020
WAEC Runz 2020
WAEC Expo 2020

Important Links

WAEC English Language Expo 2020/WAEC English Language Runs 2020

WAEC Mathematics Expo 2020/WAEC Mathematics Runs 2020

WAEC Physics Expo 2020/WAEC Physics Runs 2020

WAEC Economics Expo 2020/WAEC Economics Runs 2020

WAEC Geography Expo 2020/WAEC Geography Runs 2020

WAEC Government Expo 2020/WAEC Government Runs 2020

WAEC Biology Expo 2020/WAEC Biology Runs 2020

WAEC Animal Husbandry Expo 2020/WAEC Animal Husbandry Runs 2020

WAEC Chemistry Expo 2020/WAEC Chemistry Runs 2020

WAEC History Expo 2020/WAEC History Runs 2020

WAEC Literature in English Expo 2020/WAEC Literature in English Language Runs 2020

WAEC further Mathematics Expo 2020/WAEC Further Mathematics Runs 2020

WAEC Civic Education Runs 2020/WAEC Civic Education Expo 2020

WAEC Commerce Expo 2020/WAEC Commerce Runs 2020

WAEC Marketing Expo 2020/WAEC Marketing Runs 2020

WAEC Expo 2020

We provide WAEC Answers to Questions 2020, WAEC Runs 2020, WAEC Expo Specimens for practicals 2020/2021. Don’t be left out in this upcoming WAEC May/June Exam. Subscribe to get better results full of A’s, B’s and C’s to make your family proud. One thing is certain, many websites will use many fake questions and answers to convince you to subscribe but use your brain to calculate well before giving anybody your hard earned money.

They question now is how do we know, you are not among them, well is a good question. Our subscribers on this NECO GCE Exam can testify how good it is. You can chat us with our official phone number, immediately you will get our fast response.

Available Subjects For WAEC Expo Runs 2020

1) General Mathematics
2) Further Mathematics
3) English Language
4) Literature-in-English
5) Hausa
6) Igbo
7) Yoruba
8) Biology
9) Chemistry
10) Physics
11) Agricultural Science
12) Government
13) Economics
14) Geography
15) Civic Education
16) Christian Religious Studies
17) Islamic Studies
18) Financial Accounting
19) Commerce


1) Physics Practical
2) Chemistry Practical
3) Agricultural Science Practical
4) Biology Practical
5) Geography Practical
6) Health Science Practical

How To Get 2020 WAEC May/June 9 Subjects or More

To subscribe for WAEC Questions and Answers 2020 is simple but it’s only trust. You have to have be confidence in us then you can then subscribe. First we have price list because you may know mathematics, you don’t know Chemistry or vise versa. Some may like to subscribe for 9 or all subjects. Below are the price of each package.

There are two payment options available, one is through bank or via MTN


All Science and Arts Subjects =====#20,000

9/8/7 Subjects =======# 5,500

6 Subjects ======== #4,500

5 Subjects ======== #3,500

4 Subjects ======== #3,000

3 Subjects ======== #2,500

Each Subject (Essay and Objectives)=== #800

Each Subject (Practical) ===== #500

Examcv Official Bank Account Details –  Payment Method Allowed.

Mobile banking
Direct Deposit

If you need Examcv official bank account details Click here or text I need Examcv official Bank account Details to 07068915053.

Phone number
Amount Paid

MTN Recharge Card Option

All Science and Arts Subjects =====#16,000

9/8/7 Subjects =======# 6,000

6 Subjects ======== #5,500

5 Subjects ======== #4,500

4 Subjects ======== #4,000

3 Subjects ======== #3,500

Each Subject (Essay and Objectives)=== #900

Each Subject (Practical) ===== #600

with a text I paid for Examcv WAEC Questions and Answers 2020 to 07068915053 either on whatsApp or text message. You will receive a confirmation message latest 5 minutes from the time you sent. Please don’t fail to text us your details.

Examcv Admin Contact Details

You can contact us through our various media

WhatsApp | 07068915053

2go | 07068915053

6 Ways to Send WAEC Expo Answers 2020

WAEC 2020 Expo Runs Approved ways of sending and receiving Answers will be unique, of course, there are 3 ways through which WAEC Runs will be shared among subscribers, and they are :

Password Link

WAEC WhatsApp : Sincerely speaking, this is the best platform to send WAEC Expo Runz Answers 2020 to desiring candidates, VIP’s, Principals, Agents and candidates. In this pattern, both images and write ups with practicals are sent to subscribers. One more advantage is that, it is cheap, fast and consumes little data.

WAEC Telegraph : Telegraph is a fast rising chatting platform like whatsApp, it has almost the same functionality, any candidate hoping to receive answers via this platform will be delivered.

WAEC 2go : Examcv also delivers Answers via 2go for interested candidates, we are fully loaded to serve you better in this 2020 WAEC exam, fear not if you subscribed to us.

WAEC Facebook : This is another great medium to share WAEC Answers to Candidates who paid to Examcv, some candidates prefer to receive answers through this medium due to one reason or another,whichever way, we are always available.

WAEC Password Link : Password Link or password page as some candidates call it is also available, majority of the candidates prefer this one, however, it has a very big disadvantage, all candidates from the same school will pay for one subject, then request pin from us, when we give them the pin, they share it to their fellow candidates thinking it has helped, it will cause more harm because WAEC Will cancel all your results, reason being that you all copied the same answers.

WAEC SMS: I bet you, this is another great idea but you can’t receive Answers that are contained in images, majority of candidates want this, some cannot afford to pay for it because it’s costly.


WAEC VIP’s are people that are considered very important than others, this includes Principals, Agents, Teachers who paid for the whole subjects, candidates who paid early. We reserve the right place for them to stay and receive their paid answers anytime any day.

Join Active WAEC Expo Runs Group 2020

We have created a Waec Runz Expo Group for potential candidates who want to know the latest, updates and news about WAEC SSCE exam 2020. To join, follow the link : https://examcv.com/waec-whatsapp-group-expo-runs-link/


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